Business summary
Inossia has invented and patented the Inossia® Cement Softener to make bone cements softer and better adapted to brittle bone. The soft bone cement can be used both to treat fractures in the spine and to treat painful degenerated discs.

Osteoporosis affects 50% of all women and 25% of all men over the age of 50 years. Every year, 600 000 bone cement injections are performed in the world to treat osteoporotic fractures in the spine. Unfortunately, up to 40% of all treated patients come back with new fractures within 3 months due to the hard and stiff material of the bone cement.
A second indication is degenerated discs where 400 million patients globally live with daily pain and disability but only 1% gets surgical treatment due to the high complication risk.

Solution – The Technology
With the Inossia® Cement Softener added to the bone cement it becomes adapted to the brittle bone and the rate of new fractures may significantly decrease (<75%). It will provide a better and more reliable treatment with less pain, more satisfied surgeons and patients and save money for the healthcare. For disc patients, the surgical intervention with injecting a soft cement in the disc is minimally invasive and suitable for elderly patients. It offers a possibility for the big majority of patients which today are treated only with painkillers and develop chronic pain for the rest of their lives.
The Inossia® Cement Softener originates from extensive research at Uppsala University led by prof. Cecilia Persson. The technology has received grants through several programs including the EIC Accelerator Project SMART-SOFT, EIT Health Innovation Project SOFTBONE and a handful of Vinnova projects. It has also been awarded The Investors’ Choice at Connect Uppsala, Bona Postulata and the Peter Egardt award. Currently a large randomized controlled clinical trial is on-going at 9 hospitals in Spain, Poland, Germany and Canada.

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Head of Research and Development

Inossia AB is a spin-off company from Uppsala University. Inossia is in a very exciting and stimulating phase going from research and developing company preparing for the product launch of the first soft cement containing Inossia® Cement Softener, for improved treatment of spinal fractures in osteoporotic patients.

Inossia is looking for a highly motivated person with experience from a similar role. The Head of Research and Development will be responsible for research and development activities and initiatives at Inossia.

We are looking for a person with the ability to work both operational with day-to-day activities and strategic by having a comprehensive view of the company. As the company is small, you must have a “can do” attitude and be comfortable in situations where you are “hands-on”.

The Head of Research and Development will be a member of the management team, reporting to the CEO for Inossia. The role is a permanent contract full-time and you will be based at the office in Stockholm.

Responsibilities and tasks

• Lead the research and development group at Inossia
• Develop Inossia’s products, including managing hands-on tasks such as mechanical testing and biocompatibility tests at outsourced labs
• Collect and present research and development data
• Drive development of new products, accessories and devices
• Manage Inossia’s production tasks at a contract manufacturer, including assist at process validations and sterilization validations
• Assist in the work with clinical studies
• Work with suppliers of raw materials for production and research and development
• Be able to recruit further staff to the research and development group
• Support sales consultants, distributors and other sales activities across Europe
• Ensure that new patent opportunities are captured and assessed


We are looking for a person with a strong desire to join a small company and work in a fast-paced environment with freedom and flexibility, as well as high expectations.

You need to be flexible and result oriented, and willing to work in a dynamic environment while managing multiple priorities. It is important to have strong communication skills, with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively both inside and outside the organization. We are looking for an ambitious person with a personal drive to take responsibility, and with the ability to work both independently and together with others to deliver results.

Qualifications and experiences
• Well experienced working in ISO 13485
• Solid experience from the medical device industry, preferable with experience working with implants
• Experience from a similar role/ Hands-on experience as a researcher and development manager
• Experience from orthopedic medical device industry is meritorious
• Experience from spine implants is meritorious
• Experience from CE marking and commercialization of new products is meritorious
• Experience from working with clinical trials is meritorious
• Excellent communication skills in English. Fluent in Swedish. Other language skills are advantageous

• Networking skills
• Excellent intercultural skills
• Drive and result orientation
• Self-reliable with ability to prioritize tasks
• Trustworthy and credible
• Flexible

Opportunities with the role

• The possibility to work for a successful, small, growing, and innovative company and work in a fast-paced environment with freedom and flexibility, as well as high expectations
• Work for improved treatment of spinal fractures in osteoporotic patients
• Become a leading key strategic player within Inossia with the opportunity to influence the strategy, way of working, company development and key decisions, and to contribute to the company´s future growth and development
• To work in a small company with a dynamic culture, freedom of action, a nice atmosphere and collaborative environment
• The company is in a very exciting and stimulating phase going from a research- and developing company, preparing for the product launch of the first soft cement containing Inossia® Cement Softener, for improved treatment of spinal fractures in osteoporotic patients
• Be a member in the management team
• Work in values-based company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries
• Be part of a very competent and experienced team with high energy, all very committed to develop the company and the technology
• Work in a company with short decision paths and with a high level of personal responsibility

For more information and questions about the position, please contact Marta Frick Senior Recruitment Consultant at PeakSearch.
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