GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH), is a company within GSK, with products in three segments; Wellness Over-The-Counter (OTC), Dental Care and nutritional drinks. GSK CH had in 2010 a turnover of £5bn which represent 17,6 % of the total group turnover.
In Sweden, GSK CH, is part of the Scandinavia sub region included in the North & West Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Benelux). Scandinavia consists of the markets in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
GSK CH is the second largest company in the field of dental care products worldwide. Dental Care brands that are sold in Scandinavia are Aquafresh®, Sensodyne®, Bamse®, Parodontax®, Corsodyl®, Corega® and Biotene®. The GSK CH Dental product portfolio covers products for a wide range of therapeutical oral care indications.


Dental Field Force Manager Scandinavia

A key leader position to further develop the GSK CH leadership position in the dental market

Dental Field Force Manager Scandinavia
- A key leader position to further develop the GSK CH leadership position in the dental market

Company: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Position: Dental Field Force Manager Scandinavia

Reporting to: Expert Manager Scandinavia

Location: Sweden (Stockholm)

GlaxoSmithKline is a key player in the dental arena with a broad and attractive portfolio of leading therapeutical oral care brands. The GSK CH therapeutical oral care Sales in Scandinavia were approximately 27 Million € in 2011. The dental products are sold both in mass market and in Pharmacies. GSK CH has sales organizations targeting both mass market and Pharmacy.

The dental expert market
Dental clinics and especially the Dental hygienists are important influencers as experts in the dental care. GSK CH has a specific sales organization targeting the Dental hygienists aiming for their recommendation of the GSK CH dental brands.

In the dental expert segment, the top priority brand is Sensodyne, the leading toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Other important expert brands are Corega (denture care), Biotene (dry mouth symptom management), Corsodyl (gum inflammation) and Parodontax (bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis).

The opportunity
GSK CH vision is to become the preferred partner for the dental experts within the Dentistry in Scandinavia. To achieve that objective the company is expanding the sales force organization in Scandinavia substantially in the near future.

For that we are now recruiting a Dental Field Force Manager Scandinavia (DFFMS) who will lead the dental sales force in the Scandinavian market (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark). This is a new valid position in the dental sales organization. A top priority for the DFFMS is to recruit a number of new Product Specialists to strengthen the Dental Expert Sales Team in Scandinavia.

The DFFMS will have a great influence over strategy and operations across the four Scandinavian countries. This in a truly global company with a great image and a top quality product portfolio in the dental market.

The individual we are looking for agree to take on their quest with the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, who always wants to outperform in terms of delivering results and always meet each current and potential customer expectations.

Working in a truly global market leading company means that your success in this key position will not be passed without notice and will be rewarded.

The role purpose
• Provide management to the employees in Dental team in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Responsible for people management and act as a role model displaying GSK leadership essentials.
• Drive and build recommendations of GSK CH brands and product ranges within the Dentistry
• Execute detailing strategy for Dental team, aligned with business goals and priorities for the region
• Drive and implement new initiatives for the team
• Achieve objectives on sales calls, sales & profit
• Identify new business opportunities
• Performance management incl. implementation of systems, segmented targetgroups, dashboard etc.

Competencies and qualifications
We are looking for a successful leader with a solid experience of building and developing top performing people and teams.
You are truly interested in people and impassioned to develop them and create an enjoyable working climate.

• You have a solid knowledge of sales and sales management from Sales Manager roles (minimum 3 years experience as a Sales Manager)
• You have strong management skills
• You have well developed sales coaching skills
• You have a honest, dynamic and open mindset
• You are an entrepreneur – finding the business opportunities and take action
• You are able to work independently
• You are a Teamplayer who create superior team climate
• You have excellent communication skills
• You are fluent in English and Swedish.

Contact and application
For further inquiries and application for the “Dental Field force Manager Scandinavia” position please contact Magnus Klingberg, consultant at PeakSearch;
Office: +46 (0)8 545 00 100, Mobile: +46 (0)70 678 09 92