Cantargia AB was founded in 2009/2010 based on a discovery made by Professor Thoas Fioretos and Dr Marcus Järås at Lund University. Their research showed that leukemic stem cells express a protein, IL1RAP, on the cell surface, which is not expressed to the same extent on normal stem cells. Cantargia's research has since then shown that IL1RAP is also expressed in a range of solid tumours. IL1RAP is important for the cancer cells' ability to create a favourable environment for proliferation and expansion. Therefore, antibodies targeting IL1RAP could potentially be used to treat several different types of cancer, but also autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Cantargia specialises in antibody-based treatments. CAN04, the Company's patented antibody, has a dual mechanism of action. It fights cancer by activating the immune system and by blocking signals that lead to tumour growth. Treatment with CAN04 has the potential to become an important part of modern immuno-oncology therapies. Cantargia is focusing on two forms of cancer where there is a big need: non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer and has two on-going clinical trials and additional trials is in planning. For details see The CAN04 project is also entering late stage CMC development.

The Company has also started development of a new antibody against IL1RAP, CAN10. The CAN10 antibody is being designed for treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases focusing on systemic sclerosis and myocarditis. The CAN10 project has recently entered CMC development.

In addition to these two projects, Cantargia is developing a pipeline based on the CANxx-platform.
The Company was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market (Small Cap) in 2018 and is based in Lund, Sweden with less than 20 FTEs, excluding consultants and virtual structures and resources.

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Clinical Supply Manager

Cantargia in Lund is looking for a Clinical Supply Manager!

As Clinical Supply Manager, you will be part of a small multidisciplinary CMC team responsible for IMP supply to the clinical trials and early- as well as late-stage CMC development and validation. The Clinical Supply Manager will be responsible for implementing the clinical supply function at Cantargia and coordinating drug supply to clinical trials through CMO’s.

Cantargia is looking for a candidate with a strong background and experience from biotech/pharma and good understanding of drug development and CMC for biologics. You should be experienced in clinical drug supply, including setting up label text, handling of IMP, distribution with cold chain management. In addition, you should be trained in GDP and GMP and experienced in setting up and working with clinical drug supply systems as well as working with CMO’s.

Cantargia’s vision is to develop and secure the new-generation targeted drugs against IL1RAP as an important part of the more effective future cancer treatments. It is a vision that includes the development of new product candidates with the potential of also treating autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. The company is now in a very expansive and active phase where new clinical activities are planned and are being initiated.

More information will be published in August.

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