Nordic Infucare

Nordic Infucare started in Stockholm in 2004 with the goal to provide specialized treatment for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Thanks to years of experience Nordic Infucare has acquired significant expertise and developed a strong market presence in the field of Diabetes, Cardiology and Pulmonology, Neurology, and Immunology.

In each of these fields, Nordic Infucare provides drugs and/or medical devices, and has developed a structured support to patients and medical staff.

Thanks to a flexible and agile organization, as well as experts used to work in complex and rapidly changing environments, Nordic Infucare can react quickly to its changing patients’ needs.

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Who we are/DNA – Values

Entrepreneurship at NIC means thinking out of the box, being open for new ideas and searching new opportunities when other see problems. We show entrepreneurship by being brave, testing and evaluating new solutions and not afraid of being a frontrunner.

Accountability at NIC means we deliver on commitments and show others that we can be trusted. We show accountability by being committed to do things in an honest and moral way. We communicate in an open manner and deliver on promises

Customer focus
Customer focus at NIC means the ability to understand the customer needs in order to support them in a professional and emphatic way. We show customer focus by identifying their needs with an open dialogue.
We deliver the optimal service and solutions based on the customers feedback.

Passion at NIC means having a burning desire and drive to make a difference with engagement and complete involvement. We show passion by being present, having a positive and encouraging attitude. We are dedicated and strive to inspire and help others.

Empathy at NIC means understanding the situation and feelings of another person. We show empathy by
being active and interested listeners, being present by using ears, eyes and “gut” instincts to understand the entire message.


TILLSATT - Head of Tech Support, Nordic Infucare

Key leadership position for outstanding customer satisfaction

Position: Head of Tech Support (permanent employment 100%)
Reports to: Head of Operations
Direct reports: Approx. 18-20 permanent employees
Team Leaders: 1-2 Teamleaders (supporting and coaching the tech support staff)
Location: Nordic Infucare HQ, Bromma, Stockholm

Position overview
Reporting to the Head of Operations. Main mission to evolve and drive customer and user experience in all domains, striving for value based healthcare by: Implementing efficiency and growth projects to make our organization operate in an efficient & effective way.
Be well prepared for continuous growth and new business models. Optimize operational resources and processes. Foster a continuous improvement mindset and culture. Deliver outstanding quality supporting NIC domains and partners.

Tech Support team focus
- Provide outstanding 24/7 support to our customers and users

- Strengthen relationships with partners to increase trust and transparency

- Provide our partners with timely and accurate information

- Develop a highly motivated and knowledgeable team.

Main Responsibilities
- Lead and develop the support team
- Planning and following up on Budget and Workforce planning
- Rehabilitation action & responsibility
- Work environment action & responsibility
- Objectives setting and follow up
- Training and coaching of the team
- Development of support processes and systems
- Cross functional support
- Responsible for partner relations for customer support
- Support market access in tenders
- Fulfill obligations stipulated in tenders and other contracts; eg reporting to region
- Assessments, follow up, report in CoreLink cluster projects

Opportunities with the role
- Nordic Infucare is a fast growing and successful company with a strong position in the Nordic healthcare market.

- Be part of a professional team and a very attractive corporate culture based on opportunities, entrepreneurship and an effort to constantly improve for patients and healthcare. There is an informal and personal atmosphere where ideas are taken advantage of and where each employee's contribution is important for the company's development and results.

- Nordic Infucare is a company where you feel welcome and the atmosphere is very good. A recently accomplished employee survey showing high ratings for overall employee satisfaction.

- Key position with great impact: Lead and develop a highly professional and high performing support team with a positive atmosphere and a solid collaboration climate.

- Present and engaging leadership where you get the opportunity to take great responsibility, work independently and be innovative and solution-oriented.

- Work with top quality medtech products and high end IT support systems

- Continue to develop tech support and digitization to constantly improve customer satisfaction.

Profile - Head of Tech Support

Experience and qualifications
Solid experience from leading an advanced tech support team (providing qualified technical- or clinical customer support)
Experience from the healthcare market and environment is an advantage
Fluent in spoken and written Swedish and English
Knowledge of relevant IT programs and IT infrastructure

Competencies and personality
Strong Leadership skills
Financial accumen
Strong Process understanding
Risk Management culture (tools & methods)
IT general culture and understanding of Information Systems stakes
Customer centric

Behavior skills
Pedagogical skills
Problem solving skills
Management of priorities & reactiveness
Proactive, creative and change-oriented (disruptive thinker)
Result oriented

Contact for inquiries, information and application:
Magnus Klingberg
Sr Recruitment Consultant
070-678 09 92