is a CRO registered in Sweden and the consortium comprises 20 members. MVIC has expertise in all aspects of inhalation product development starting from pre-clinical via CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) to early clinical studies. Services include the whole range from smaller studies up to full development. The member companies are located in Sweden and MVIC is responsible for marketing and business development for the consortium. The clients are international, big pharma as well as small entrepreneurial companies.

MVIC is a globally active CRO and Partner with many project managers and specialists in Discovery, Formulation, Regulatory, Device and Product Development. All project managers and specialists have worked in the forefront when it comes to inhalation technology. Most of them also have a very sharp business approach from years in top management and vast experience from working with a wide range of company sizes, Big Pharma to small entrepreneurial enterprises, in pharmaceutical development projects.

As a client, using MVIC’s services is like working with one company but using the competence and resources of multiple companies. For each project, MVIC forms a project team and appoints one single project manager who is responsible for coordinating all work and deliverables. The project team members are allocated from the member companies as appropriate. The whole process is fully seamless to the client and the projects will move forward efficiently focused on getting a product on the market.

MVIC is world leading in at least four key areas:

1. Preclinical development

Full pre-clinical characterization including tolerability studies, lung exposure (PK) and pharmacodynamic models using nebulized and dry powder delivery.

2. In vivo prediction via in vitro models

The test equipment, including anatomical throats and lung simulators, can assess all types of devices. Combined with unique modelling software for predicting lung deposition and PK, MVIC performs world leading in vivo predictions.

3. Dry powder formulation development

MVIC has both a broad theoretical competence as well as equipment and trained lab personnel to optimize dry powder formulations.

4. Solid state aspects of dry powders

MVIC has access to all relevant equipment and experienced analysts to fully characterize particles and powders in the inhalable particle size area.

Already at the first meeting with a client, MVIC provides strategic input of device and formulation development and gives professional aspects on how ideas and early development should be developed into inhalation products.

MVIC can also offer early clinical studies in collaboration with local clinics and experts in data management and statistics from inhalation studies.

MVIC runs annually the MVIC symposium in Lund covering various areas of inhalation product development. Furthermore, first-class training and education in inhaled drug development, customized to customers’ specific needs, is also offered.

MVIC is managed by a CEO in close cooperation with the member companies in the Consortium and the board of Directors. The current CEO has now decided to leave the CEO position to focus more on work in his own company, one of the member companies of MVIC. A well-planned transfer of knowledge and experience to the new CEO will therefore be ensured.

MVIC is located at Medicon Village in Lund. For more information about the company, please visit

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Company: MVIC AB (Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium)
Position: Chief Executive Officer, CEO
Location: Lund, Sweden

The position as Chief Executive Officer


We are looking for a committed and business-oriented leader, with a highly driven personality and excellent networking as well as communication skills. The mission of our new CEO is to scale up the business, increase the number of clients globally, and to further develop the interaction between the member companies to use the full potential of the combined expertise. Knowledge of the drug development process is crucial, and an understanding of inhalation drug delivery development is a plus.

The CEO of MVIC is responsible for marketing and business development for the consortium, e.g. customer relations, business proposals and quotations, in collaboration with all the member companies.

In the role as CEO of MVIC you will be accountable for the economy and the company administration. Further developing and maintaining relationship with all the companies of MVIC it is important to identify new business opportunities and to share information in the network. Therefore, a deep understanding of the expertise of each member company as well as understanding customers’ needs, business opportunities and competitor activities in the field (inhaled drug delivery) is crucial to be successful in this role.

Furthermore, you are accountable for the yearly MVIC international inhalation symposium and organise the scientific content in cooperation with some of the member companies. You will also actively participate in current Swedish networks related to inhaled drug delivery.

The ideal candidate will have a business mindset, a strong drive and ability to see the “big picture” in a variety of settings. Also, you should have excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact with a range of personalities in an international context, as well as being a strong communicator both verbally and in writing. It is important that you have a track- record as a skilled negotiator and the ability to create profitability. Furthermore, other useful traits are to be creative and innovative, solution-oriented and analytical.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and commercial thinking, we believe you can grow the business and build a team spirit between the member companies.

You will report to and collaborate with the MVIC board, consisting of experts within drug development as well as international sales and marketing. The company is located at Medicon Village in Lund.

Key responsibilities and main tasks

• Responsible for MVIC business development in collaboration with member companies
• Lead the development of high-quality business strategies and plans to ensure alignment with short- and long-term objectives
• Report to and collaborate with the MVIC Board
• Networking and information sharing with member companies to maintain relationships
• Effectively communicate with customers and other relevant stakeholders. Build fruitful relations with key partners and stakeholders to support MVIC’s activities.
• Responsible for MVIC management, economy, budget and company administration
• Handle negotiations for partnerships

Marketing and business development
o Marketing, customer relations, business proposals and quotations
o Communication strategy, including services offered and company expertise
o Understanding of relevant customer´s needs, business opportunities and competitor activities in the field (inhaled drug delivery)
Project Management
o Accountable for resource allocation in client’s projects, and deliverables
Science relations
o Accountable for the yearly MVIC international inhalation symposium (100+ attendees), organising the scientific content in cooperation with some of the member companies
o Accountable for the bi-yearly MVIC inhalation training workshops attracting an international audience from industry and academia
o Active participation in the scientific networks related to inhaled drug delivery; SweDeliver and Sweden Inhalation Network, SwedIN, including members from industry and academia
o Promote and represent MVIC at international conferences and exhibitions

Qualifications and experience

• PhD/MSc/BSc Degree Economics/Business, Medicine, Pharmaceutical sciences and /or other relevant experience in Life Science
• Proven experience in a leading role, preferably in a qualified commercial management role, e.g. in a Pharma company or MedTech
• Understanding of pre-clinical and clinical development of pharmaceuticals and adjacent processes
• Understanding of development of inhalation drugs – a great advantage
• Proven track record of profitability and growth (i.e. combining commercial and financial success)
• Proven commercial track record from negotiations with external partners, stakeholders leading to licensing agreements / deals, partnerships, or collaborations
• Experience working with Board of Directors – an advantage
• International experience and a large network of contacts
• Understanding and knowledge of today’s marketing with active lead generating web pages, active LinkedIn pages, homepage, etc.
• Fluency in writing and speaking English and Swedish

Profile - Competencies and Skills

• Excellent leadership skills - works with people and builds team spirit
• Networking and excellent communication skills - establishes good relationships with customers and staff. Builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organisation.
• Sets and develops strategies. Works strategically to realise organisational goals. Identifies and develops positive and compelling visions of the organisation’s future potential.
• Well organised - works in a systematic, methodical, and orderly way; consistently achieves projects goals, sets high standards for quality and quantity
• Ambitious and business oriented - entrepreneurial and commercial thinking - works with an entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills

Opportunities with the role

This is an opportunity to be part of expanding MVIC’s full potential to further contribute to development of important drugs and use the existing expertise in the member companies.

Here is a significant potential for a business-oriented candidate with the desire and energy to further develop an interesting business poised to be profitable for both MVIC and the member companies - and be rewarded accordingly.


For inquires and more information about the position, please contact:

Catharina Herbertsson or Eva Runnerström, Senior Recruitment Consultants at PeakSearch.

M: +46 706 152 772
M: +46 701 725 379


Apply for the position at PeakSearch homepage or send your cover letter together with your CV directly to either Catharina or Eva, e-mails see above.