At Optinova, we specialize in turning complex challenges into streamlined solutions. For over half a century, we have stood at the forefront of the tubing industry, providing advanced,highperformance tubing solutions that serve the critical needs of the medical device and specialty industries. Our mission is to innovate with purpose, precision, and partnership.
From our humble beginnings on the Åland Islands, we have expanded our reach to a global scale, operating manufacturing plants in Finland, Thailand, and the US. This extensive network allows us to deliver our state-of-the-art tubing products to over 1000 customers through a robust distribution channel that spans the world. Currently the company employs more than 600 people worldwide,
with stable annual growth. What sets Optinova apart is our unique blend of fluoropolymer expertise with sophisticated production processes. This combination ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the stringent demands of medical and industrial applications. Whether it's a standard requirement or a complex custom job, our team of dedicated polymer and extrusion experts is adept at crafting tubing solutions that align perfectly with the end application's needs, no matter how challenging the circumstances.
Our core values are reflected in our commitment to quality, customer experience, partnership, and innovation. These pillars have guided our stable annual growth and have cemented our position as a fun, professional, and agile workplace. At Optinova, we foster an environment that is quick to adapt and evolve, yet we maintain the warmth and inclusivity of a family-run business.
With a rich history stretching back 50 years, Optinova is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most respected names in the extrusion industry. Our longevity is a testament to our strength and adaptability, as we've grown from a small-scale operation to a robust and thriving global entity.
Today, as a leading extrusion partner for both medical and industrial tubing, Optinova continues to serve partners from more than 50 countries, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
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Sales Manager - Medical & Industrial EMEA

Engineering Excellence in Tubing Solutions Worldwide

The Sales Manager position at Optinova is a dynamic and multifaceted role that blends strategic sales initiatives with project management and customer relations. Reporting directly to Natasa Liderfelt, the Vice President of Optinova EMEA, this position is based at the Optinova office in Uppsala, offering a flexible working arrangement with three days on-site and two days remote work per week.You will take the lead for internal collaborations, acting as the bridge between external customers and internal company departments. Drive sales strategies internally, particularly liaising with production teams to ensure alignment with customer demands and company capabilities. Excel at presenting business cases, drawing on experience with large-scale deals to influence and secure internal buy-in and support. With production facilities located in Finland, Thailand, and the USA, you will focus on expanding Optinova’s reach across Europe with a special attention to Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Germany to build and maintain a professional network. Maximum 30-40 overnight stays per year.
Further you will participate in monthly meetings to review goals and set focus areas, such as prioritising work with specific customers. You are used to work autonomously, managing individual
responsibilities and customer accounts with minimal supervision. Maintain regular communication with production facilities to align on sales goals, discussing any discrepancies or customer
requirements. When it comes to regulatory knowledge you will possess an understanding of the regulatory landscape, including familiarity with ISO 13845 standards, not necessarily at a detailed level but in terms of general terminology and implications for sales strategies.
The core of this Sales Manager position is to coordinate and drive projects to successful completion.You have a deep understanding of customer needs and the ability to scale up and transform customer ideas into actionable sales opportunities. Analyse business cases to determine their commercial viability and strategies for expanding the business reach.
As a Sales Manager at Optinova, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the company's growth by leveraging your sales expertise, project management capabilities, and customer insights. You will join a team that values proactive leadership and strategic thinking within a stable and expanding family-owned company.

Possibilities - At Optinova, you’ll make a difference.
At Optinova, the development opportunities are abundant and multifaceted.
Personal Growth Journey: embark on a developmental curve where you can refine and expand your sales expertise, business acumen, and industry knowledge. Take on increasing responsibility over time, proving your capability to manage broader territories or more complex product lines.
Agility in Decision-Making: enjoy the agility of making quick decisions that can have an immediate impact on the market, allowing for rapid response to customer needs and market changes.
Influence the sales strategy with a quick approach, adapting to new information and customer feedback effectively.
Building and Optimizing Work Processes: play an integral role in shaping and refining sales processes, contributing to the company’s operational excellence. Tailor sales and customer
relationship management processes that align with Optinova's strategic objectives, ensuring efficiency and scalability.
Participation in the Company's Growth Journey: witness firsthand the impact of your sales initiatives on the company's expansion and market share increase, which is especially visible in a
family-owned company like Optinova.
Exposure to a Broad Area of Operations: gain insights across various business areas, from product development to customer success, due to the cross-functional nature of a sales role in a growing company. Work closely with different departments to understand the full scope of the business and how each contributes to the customer journey.
Family-Owned Company Ethos: experience the unique culture of a family-owned company, where values and long-term vision take precedence over short-term gains.
Stable and Growing Company Environment: be part of a company that enjoys stability and consistent growth, providing a sense of security and the ability to invest in long-term initiatives. A stable foundation enables the company to explore new markets and innovate without compromising on quality or values.
Situationally Adapted Leadership: Situational leadership tailored to different client needs and market conditions. Influence and lead through expertise, guiding clients and internal teams through the sales journey with adapted communication and strategy based on each unique scenario.
Opportunities for Advancement: As Optinova grows, new leadership roles may emerge, offering career progression opportunities that match your experience and contributions to the company. In this role at Optinova, you have the chance to witness the company's growth journey and play a key part in a family-owned business that prises innovation, stability, and tailored leadership. It's an environment where your work directly contributes to the company’s narrative and where your development is integral to the collective success.

Main responsibilities
• Sales Manager will focus on building Optinova’s portfolio on Medical & Industrial Business Line.
• Prepare activity- and growth plans for new and existing customers in the defined region.
• Close collaboration with the Central Europe Team as well as international team globally.
• Develop Account Plans for strategic accounts, regular accounts and for prospects and support the rolling forecasting process and other business activities together with Vice President Optinova EMEA.
• Gather, summarize, and discuss the technical needs from customers and prospects within the sales area together with Vice President Optinova EMEA to drive the Group Technology & Capability Roadmap forward. This includes for example, exploration of new materials, technical specifications, and solutions.
• Implement and support business strategy, collaboration with the VP Business Line, provide business analysis input for R&D projects and support make full use of market intelligence to expand business and reinforce market position.
• Where necessary, facilitate direct contacts between other functions of the Group with the customer e.g., R&D, Customer Service and Production.
• Regularly communicate sales reports to the Vice President Optinova EMEA.
• Participate and deliver accordingly into group and individual development plan.
• Other business assignments as decided by Vice President Optinova EMEA.
• Excel at presenting business cases, drawing on experience with large-scale deals to influence andsecure internal buy-in and support.

Contact information
For inquires and more information about the position, please contact Jarl Molin, senior recruitment consultants at PeakSearch. Mail: phone: +46 70 560 20 56
Apply for the position by sending your CV directly to Jarl, see above.