FarmaPlus AS is a quality and competence oriented sales company that supply medicines to hospitals, private doctors and other health institutions.
FarmaPlus are focusing their operations to the Nordic countries and the current product portfolio consist of generic injections and infusion substances divided in three main product segments; Oncology – Anti-infective – Pain. FarmaPlus has currently a total of 10 employees in three units; regulatory, finance and sales & marketing with sales representation in each Nordic country.
FarmaPlus that started up in Norway, with a head office in Oslo, is today owned by Mylan - a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in health care. Together they have a growing portfolio of more than 1,200 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. Mylan has their Nordic head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Key Account Manager - Sverige TILLSATT

Through FarmaPlus combination of medical expertise and ability to see the healthcare challenges with new eyes, we supply medicines to hospitals, private doctors and other health institutions. Even if FarmaPlus today are owned by a global pharma company our aim is to be found nearby. We capture the different customers’ requirements quickly and act rapidly with constructive solutions. Our vision is to stay focused on the Nordic markets and be among the top 5 hospital generic injectable suppliers operating in high value differentiated segments.

FarmaPlus has established a program of compositions with a strong scientific profile. To ensure quality and the security of supply FarmaPlus has obtained collaboration with internationally renowned manufacturers and customers. This partnership has provided cost-effective and safe drugs for the benefit for patients, health professionals and the public health system.
Essential to this is our parent company Mylan, and a management team with significant expertise in research, documentation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals. FarmaPlus and Mylan has a very strong position in the market through its delivery reliability and with a high level of trust among customers.

This is an exciting opportunity to be an important representative of FarmaPlus and the key person to drive sales in Sweden. You will be offered great opportunities to influence and develop the Swedish market. For the right candidate there is potential for personal and professional growth in a company that operates in the Nordic markets and, through its parent company's global muscles. The company has experienced a positive development in recent years and the years ahead look very bright with interesting challenges and innovative product.

The position – a demanding and rewarding position
We are looking for a Key Account Manager with a responsibility for marketing FarmaPlus injection- and infusion products in Sweden within the segments of anti-infective, oncology and pain. The Key Account Manager will be the link between the Swedish hospital pharmacies purchasing committees, suppliers, wholesalers, key opinion leaders and FarmaPlus AS. Along with the Marketing Director you will have the responsibility to plan and determine your marketing budget and expenses.

The position requires a highly sales driven person with the ability to provide value-adding partnerships that result in short and long-term business results. It is very important that you have a pronounced communication skills, have a strong social talent and an ability to maintain long-term customer relationships. You are perceptive and creative and have the ability to think outside the box in order to find innovative solutions for business closures.

To succeed in your objectives, you must have ongoing contact and dialogue with existing and potential customers in hospitals/private clinics, purchasing committees, suppliers, wholesalers and with KOL’s. Furthermore, you should monitor the customer needs and trends of new / modified products, and actively collaborate with the customers when FarmaPlus has been accepted as a vendor.

The content of your work should be equally shared between customer visits vs. office based work. We prefer that you are located in the Stockholm area but other residential locations can be relevant if they are located in close proximity to a communication hub.
Product portfolio
Around thirty injection- and infusion substances within the following segments: anti-infective, oncology and pain.

Main responsibilities
§ Analyse and adapt new strategies to react to changing business trends
§ Managing objectives and plans through internal associates (S&M plans, budgeting)
§ Market intelligence, studying and understanding of pricing and market trends
§ Market communication and coordination, build strong and lasting client relationship
§ Tender calculations, validations and submission
§ Regulatory meeting arrangements with scientific boards and County Council contacts
§ Target fulfilment
§ Marketing activities
§ Reporting monthly on sales, development and trends
§ Follow up on distribution and logistics
§ Revenue and profitability follow up
§ Ensuring proper implementation of agreements

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