Corline was founded in 1991 by three former employees of the Swedish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Pharmacia with the goal to commercialize an extra corporeal blood pump. The blood pump used a unique and proprietary coating technology that later became the basis of the Corline’s offering to the medical device industry – the Corline Heparin Surface, CHS™. During 1997-2005 Corline delivered more than 100,000 coronary stents coated with CHS™.

As a result of a research partnership with Uppsala University a new line of business was added in 2005, where heparin based compounds are used to treat biological products for applications within regenerative medicine. Through this partnership Corline developed its technology base to allow heparin to be immobilized onto living cells and the surface of tissues without compromising viability, thus ultimately improving whole organ and cell transplant outcome through enhanced graft biocompatibility.

In 2015, Corline set up a subsidiary in Gothenburg when a third application area was added – macromolecular heparin based substances as pharmaceuticals for direct administration to patients.

The company has a lean organisation comprising eight employees within the following areas: regulatory, quality, research & development, bioanalytical chemistry, production and management & administration. For its development projects, Corline commissions work on specific tasks from outside consultancy firms and has partnerships with a number of scientific groups, institutions and clinicians.
Corline Biomedical is based in Uppsala and is listed on NASDAQ/OMX First North Stockholm.


Senior Project Manager - Global TILLSATT

Corline develops, manufactures and markets heparin based solutions to improve kidney transplantation and cell therapies. Using the same technology platform - CHC™ - the company also provides best-in-class surface coatings, making medical device implants blood and biocompatible. Motivated by the prospect of better patient health. Corline focuses on pro-healing solutions in areas with significant unmet clinical needs.
Each year some 35,000 kidney transplantations are performed in the EU and US markets, and is the only viable cure for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). While being on the waiting list for a transplantation, patients are put on dialysis with session as often as 3-4 times a week. Due to severe donor shortage many ESRD patients die before being transplanted.
· Corline’s product Renaparin™ is targeted towards preventing ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI) in relation to solid organ transplantation, and is primarily developed for improving kidney transplantation. IRI occurs in up to 40 % of kidneys being transplanted and can lead to impaired kidney function or as a worst case, organ rejection.
· Renaparin™ is administered via the organ perfusion solution to the kidney during the storage phase prior to transplantation and represents a new treatment modality for IRI. Currently, no pharmaceutical treatment has been approved for the indication in EU or the US.
· Renaparin™ has Orphan Drug status in the EU and Corline plans to submit a similar application for the US market. Corline has also submitted patent applications for Renaparin™ in a number of markets. The strategy is to develop the Renaparin™ project through clinical phase II, and thereafter evaluate whether to proceed in partnership or by its own towards registration and commercialization
· This is a qualified position with a high ability to influence the content of work based on given guidelines. As the company grows, there are great opportunities for personal development.

The position
Corline aims to appoint a Senior Project Manager (SPM) with the main responsibility to manage the company’s Renaparin™ project, which is one of two advanced pre-clinical development programs in Corline’s project pipe-line.
The goal for the SPM is to head development of the Renaparin™ project from its current pre-clinical state through a viable clinical program. The role involves driving and managing the internal product development process, as well as coordinating with external resources involved.
The SPM will lead and execute the planning of the development program including maintaining budgets and timelines. As candidate, you need to have headed, or been part of, project management teams focused on clinical phases within the pharma sector and have a good understanding of the commercial aspects of drug development. The ideal candidate furthermore has hands-on experience from successful pharma development projects for both the EU and US markets.
The position is placed at the Corline headquarter in Uppsala.
You have a strong drive and good verbal and written communication ability; proficiency in both a Scandinavian language (Swedish, Danish or Norwegian) and English is required. As the company is small, you must have a “can do” attitude and be comfortable in situations where you must be hands-on. Integrity and independent character is highly valued, and should be combined with an ability to effectively coordinate and inspire team efforts towards meeting stretched goals.

This pivotal role within Corline Biomedical requires a professional individual whose qualities and experience include the following parameters:
Requirement (must have):
. Relevant academic background (BSc/MSc in relevant area)
. Demonstrated ability to successfully manage and lead development of pharmaceutical projects in clinical phases.
. At least 8 years of experience from the pharma or biotech industry, including a minimum 3 years’ experience in a Project Management role.
. Ability and skill set to work with external service providers to fulfill project goals and budgets.
Desirably (nice to have):
. Project management background from large pharma combined with an understanding of working in smaller companies with strong development potential.
. Knowledge and professional experience from the transplantation field.
. History of working in close cooperation with regulatory and quality functions.
Fluency in oral/written Swedish (or other Scandinavian language) and English

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