About Sonesta
Sonesta manufactures and sells tables and chairs (certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001) for urology, gynecology and urodynamic diagnostics. Sonesta is a global company focusing on quality, function and comfort. Sonesta’s tables are developed in close collaboration with leading end-users to ensure maximum user friendliness. The products are also designed for optimum positioning of the patient for top-class comfort and function for users and patients alike.
Sonesta, who was acquired by ADDvise Group in August 2013, has a lean organisation comprising four employees covering sales, logistics and customer service. One sales manager covering the USA and Canada. Functions such as finance, QA/regulatory are shared with the ADDvise Group. The Sonesta production has been fully outsourced to Samhall to its production facility in Svenstavik. Sonesta AB has a turnover of about 25 MSEK (of which 75% in NA).
Sonesta has its headquarter in Stockholm with an affiliate in Boston, USA.

About ADDvise
ADDvise Group AB (publ) is an expanding group that offers total solutions in the form of products and services to healthcare and research facilities through its subsidiaries IM-Medico Svenska AB, KEBO Inredningar Sverige AB, ADDvise Tillquist AB, LabRum AB, Sonesta Medical AB and Surgical Tables Inc.
ADDvise Group customers are found in both the private and public sectors. ADDvise develops and nurtures long-term relationships by offering leading edge competence in both two business units Lab and Healthcare.
Lab creates modern research facilities by providing laboratory furnishings, safety ventilation, climate rooms, clean rooms and laboratory apparatus to e.g. the pharmaceuticals industry and life science research.
Healthcare provides both advanced and conventional medical devices and consumable materials for healthcare.
The company is listed on NASDAQ First North Premier.


International Business Manager TILLSATT

Product portfolio
Tables and chairs, designed in partnership with physicians to suit different segments of modern healthcare, for urology, gynecology, urodynamic diagnostics and upper GI procedures. All Sonesta’s tables and chairs have in common two or three motors that facilitate optimal patient positioning. The unique design also allows the patient to be positioned at heights between 40-130 cm. The low height makes it easier and more comfortable for elderly and disabled patients to get on and off the table, eliminating the need for lifting patients or using a footstool. The maneuverability of the chairs also makes them easier to clean.
The products are manufactured under stringent quality control. They satisfy MDD requirements, are cleared for sales in the USA and are CE-marked and UL-marked. Each table satisfies the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility EMC and isolation and emission in accordance with IEC 60601-1-2.

Next Generation Sonesta
From May 2016, the Sonesta series consists of the Next Generation Sonesta chairs, S2 and S3, as well as the 6210, which through its translucent table top is intended for video fluoroscopy examinations.
The Next Generation Sonesta chairs are the most versatile chairs on the market and the ultimate patient positioning chairs with infinite positioning.

Sonesta has partners and distributors in most parts of the world that are global market leaders with an installed base of approximately 9,000 tables. The U.S. is Sonesta’s biggest market, and is recording fast growing sales in markets outside of the US. Sonesta started selling tables in the beginning of the 1990s when there was a major need for high-quality products focused on user friendliness. The product line is today the leading brand in the area of urodynamic diagnostics, and is offering the user an optimal way of performing the examinations in a time and cost efficient way.
If you decide to work at Sonesta it means that:
- You will have a high ability to influence the content of work based on given guidelines. As the company grows, there are excellent and planned opportunities for your development.
- Working in a small company with large resources through the owner ADDvise Group.
- Work in global markets mainly through distributor networks in a "flat" organization with short and rapid decision-paths.
- Work in a company with a clear objective to develop and grow globally as the leading, most professional, customer-oriented and innovative company in its segment - tables and chairs.
- As the company is small, you must have a “can do” attitude and be comfortable in situations where you must be hands-on.

Main responsibilities
You will be responsible for Sonesta International Sales (all markets but North America) and responsible for:
- the overall sales strategy for the products in collaboration with the ADDvise team and based on the approved business plan. This will include short-term as well as longer-term strategic plans
- defining the strategy for development of future markets, products and to translate customer needs into technically viable input to support product development
- development of annual operating and business plans (including tactical sales and marketing plans) and budgets, and to implement the agreed strategy (this will include development of budgets for revenue and expense lines) and to operate within agreed limits
- providing overall coordination, tactic and strategic leadership
- lead/inspire/manage all international distributors (approximately 20 at present) and together with STI (Surgical Tables - sister company) establish international distributor network
- Responsible for one (1) FTE - Customer Service/logistcs
- Together with Customer Service plan and execute production/deliveries

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