About Edwards Lifescienes

Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. Driven by a passion to help patients, the company partners with clinicians to develop innovative technologies in the areas of structural heart disease and critical care monitoring that enable them to save and enhance lives.

Edwards Lifesciences is represented in approximately 100 countries and has approximately 10.000 employees around the world. The corporate headquarter is located in Irvine, California, and has regional headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland and in Tokyo, Japan. Manufacturing facilities are located in the US, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Singapore. Edwards Lifesciences employs approximately 36 people in the Nordics, and the headquarter is based in Malmö, south Sweden. Sales in the Nordic market has doubled the last five years and reached approximately USD 50 million in 2018.

What We Do

Edwards Lifesciences partners with physicians to innovate products designed to help patients live longer, healthier and more productive lives. We focus on medical technologies that address large and growing patient populations in which there are significant unmet clinical needs, such as structural heart disease and critical care monitoring.

Our technologies are categorized into our four business units - heart valve therapy, critical care, cardiac surgery systems and vascular – each with a rich history and unique patient focus.

Our History

Edwards Lifesciences’ roots date to 1958, when Miles “Lowell” Edwards set out to build the first artificial heart.

Edwards was a 60-year-old, recently retired engineer holding 63 patents in an array of industries, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream of helping patients with heart disease. His fascination with healing the heart was sparked in his teens, when he suffered two bouts of rheumatic fever, which can scar heart valves and eventually cause the heart to fail.

With a background in hydraulics and fuel pump operations, Edwards believed the human heart could be mechanized. He presented the concept to Dr. Albert Starr, a young surgeon at the University of Oregon Medical School, who thought the idea was too complex. Instead, Starr encouraged Edwards to focus first on developing an artificial heart valve, for which there was an immediate need.

After just two years, the first Starr-Edwards mitral valve was designed, developed, tested, and successfully placed in a patient. Newspapers around the world reported on what they termed a “miraculous” heart surgery.

This innovation spawned a company, Edwards Laboratories, which set up shop in Santa Ana, California – not far from where Edwards Lifesciences’ corporate headquarters is located today.

In 1966, Edwards Laboratories was purchased by American Hospital Supply Corporation and became American Edwards Laboratories. Then, in 1985, American Edwards was acquired by Baxter International Inc. In early 2000, the company was spun-off as an independent, publicly-held corporation and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “EW.”

Our spirit of innovation remains central to Edwards today. The number of patients requiring treatment for cardiovascular disease and critical illnesses is increasing dramatically, and further growth is expected in the future. Several factors are feeding this dynamic: an aging population, high incidence of rheumatic fever in developing nations, and improved diagnostic techniques that allow physicians to detect problems sooner.

Today, we continue to lead the field of tissue replacement heart valves and repair products and advanced hemodynamic monitoring, which have helped treat and manage more than 2 million patients worldwide.

With more than 50 years of experience, we have grown into a global company, with a presence in approximately 100 countries and approximately 8,600 employees around the world. Each one of them is dedicated to furthering Edwards’ original vision to help clinicians, patients and their families work together as a united community fighting cardiovascular disease and critical illnesses.

Our Product Lines

Our line of Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna tissue heart valves is the choice of surgeons globally due to their durability and performance.

From our success in valve replacements, we moved into heart valve repair and have become the world’s leading innovator of products for surgical valve repair, or annuloplasty.

Our heart valve expertise has also led to the development of one of the most exciting opportunities in the cardiovascular field – transcatheter heart valve replacement. The specially designed valve and delivery system is being evaluated in clinical studies in which high-risk patients receive a valve replacement without traditional open-heart surgery and while their heart continues to beat. Clinicians replace a patient’s aortic valve via a catheter inserted into a small incision in either the leg or between the ribs. Our leadership in transcatheter heart valve replacement includes a commitment to meaningful innovation, rigorous scientific study, extensive clinician training and education, and significant investment in new applications of the technology.

Consistent with this effort to explore less invasive surgery, we are committed to providing tools for minimally invasive cardiac surgery that allow cardiac surgeons to perform heart valve operations through small openings, or "ports," in the spaces between the ribs.

We are also a global leader in critical care monitoring, providing life-saving information that enables clinicians to determine the best course of treatment for millions of critically ill patients. More than 40 years ago, we developed the field of hemodynamic monitoring for critically ill patients with the introduction of the Swan-Ganz catheter, and leveraged this gold-standard technology to develop our market-leading, minimally invasive FloTrac monitoring system.

Additionally, we offer a variety of products to treat vascular diseases, such as the Fogarty line of embolectomy catheters, which have been the industry standard for removing blood clots from the arms and legs for more than 40 years.

Additional company information can be found at http://www.edwards.com.


TILLSATT- Account Manager Norway

Critical Care

Critical Care

We have been advancing critical care monitoring for more than 40 years, following the development of the Swan-Ganz line of hemodynamic monitoring devices - the gold-standard for measuring cardiovascular performance during surgical procedures and in post-surgical intensive care settings. Our FloTrac system is used to gather some of the same patient information as the Swan-Ganz catheter less invasively. Our PreSep oximetry catheter is used in an emergency room protocol called early goal-directed therapy, which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce death and healthcare expenses related to severe sepsis – the number one cause of death in the non-coronary intensive care unit.

In late 2010, we launched our VolumeView set and EV1000 clinical platform in Europe. When used with the EV1000 clinical platform, the VolumeView set measures a patient’s volumetric hemodynamic parameters and provides more clarity for clinicians treating critically ill patients. In addition, our EV1000 clinical platform integrates many of our sensors and catheters into one intuitive system. With a touch-screen monitor that displays a patient’s physiologic status, as well as color-coded clinical targets and alerts, this new clinical platform is designed to simplify decision-making in the hospital environment.

In 2017 we launched the HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform. It is a state-of-the-art hemodynamic monitoring platform with a modular set up and predictive decision support. It is fully integrated across the compatible products such as the FloTrac Sensor, Acumen IQ sensor, Swan Ganz catheters, Oximetry catheters and the PediaSat catheter.

The HemoSphere advance monitoring platform offers you the possibility to make proactive clinical suggestions and predictions based upon the clinical needs and patients’ situations.

Together with the Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software, this is the first ever prediction support software which will detect the likelihood of a hypotensive event before it occurs and provides you with insights to understand the rood of cause and a potential course of action for your patient.

The position - Account Manager Norway

The Critical Care Business Unit is now hiring a highly skilled Account Manager with a national responsibility for the development of the business on the Norwegian market.

Role Purpose

The Account Manager has a national responsibility for the achievement of the sales and profit objectives in Norway. The Account Manager should identify sales opportunities in agreement with the Business Unit Manager Critical Care Nordics and promote the relevant product portfolio and establish relevant physician and account education and training.


• Edwards Life Sciences is a company renowned by its high standards. The heart valves are known as the best valves on the market by most cardiologists. The Critical Care Product Areas, despite not as well known, hold the same qualities and high standards.

• Edwards is investing some USD 70 mil per year to develop highly innovative solutions and back them up with clinical evidence. As a result and as the only one in the market, Edwards Critical Care is able to fully leverage AI and Machine Learning and develop solutions that are not only “descriptive” (how is the patient doing right now?) but “predictive” (what will happen in 5-15 minutes if we don’t act right now)

• The Critical Care Product area grew 15% last year in the Nordics and is budgeted to keep that rate of growth the coming years. This position is an excellent possibility to join a good brand and a quickly expanding new area of AI guided predictive monitoring.

• There is an installed base of approximately 30 units of the EV1000 platform (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim mainly). These 30 units are reaching end-of-life and is an excellent entry ticket for new hospital contacts for the new appointed Account Manager.

Product coverage

In the account manager position the person will have the focus on following products:


• HemoSphere platform


• FloTrac/Acumen IQ (minimal invasive sensors)

• ClearSight (non-invasive sensor)

• ForeSight (non-invasive sensor to measure brain oximetry)


• HPI (Hypotension Predictive Index)

More information about the products and the concepts can be found by using following link: http://www.edwards.com/eu/products/mininvasive/mininvasivehome.htm

Major Job Functions:

• Establish relationships with targeted Key players (Anesthesiologist, Surgeons, Head Nurses, Head of ICU-/OR clinics, Hospital Management) and highlight benefits of using “Smart Recovery” practices, i.e. better patient outcome, shorter length of stay, cost savings for hospitals.

• Secure evaluation of HemoSphere platform of solutions at selected Key Accounts (approximately 4 hospitals)

• Identify minimum 1 x “champion” per Key Account to facilitate introduction and adoption of those Smart Recovery practices.

• Leverage opportunities offered by replacement market and secure installed base of older Edwards monitors (Vigilance) be replaced by Hemosphere.

• Secure high adoption of Smart recovery sensors (FloTrac, ClearSight)

• Continue to provide service to base of customers buying “commodity products” (pressure sets) and follow-up on ongoing Helse-Vest tender opportunity.

Required Experience and Education:

• Sales experiences (minimum 5 years) within the health care system, medical device industry or pharmaceutical industry with proven excellent sales results

• Used to be working “in the field” (at hospitals) minimum 3 days a week, incl. being in the OR

• University degree, clinical, business or equal

Desired Personal Characteristics and Skills:

• Expert at creating new relationships and networking

• In a trustful way persuading and influencing people in a positive way

• Excellent in planning and organizing the workflow and hospital evaluations

• Good ability at formulating strategies and concepts for the business

• Personal drive to take on challenging goals and reach them

• Fluent in Norwegian and English

The position is national and travelling in Norway should be seen as natural part of the job. The position is preferably based in Oslo, but other locations can be considered.

For further information about the position please contact, Henrik Linder, Recruitment consultant at PeakSearch. Apply for the position at http://www.peaksearch.se.

Contact information:

Jenny Ringh
e-mail: jenny@peaksearch.se
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