“Imagine if vaccines didn’t have to be formulated as liquids. Imagine if they were cheap, safe, fast and agile to transport with no cold chain necessary, and nothing holding them back. Imagine the suffering that could be prevented, the costs that could be avoided and the communities and societies that could be set free. That, ultimately, is what Ziccum technology can deliver” – Göran Conradson, CEO, ZICCUM

Ziccum is developing new dry-powder versions of the world’s most effective vaccines and biologic pharmaceuticals. These new, gently air-dried formulations can be transported easily and cost-effectively, with no costly cold storage or refrigeration required.

With the company's patented technology LaminarPace, dry formulations of products that are currently available in liquid form are developed. This allows Ziccum to open up new markets, create new patents and generate revenue from the sale of licenses to the new form of preparation.

Through its patented technology LaminarPace, Ziccum is the only company in the world to offer gentle drying of biological drugs at room temperature. This opens up the opportunity to develop and patent new formulations of biological drugs and offer better stability, longer durability and simpler storage and transportation requirements. This gives a competitive advantage, cost savings and the opportunity to address more and bigger markets. New forms of preparation and the process of producing these can also be protected by new patents so that the competitive advantage lasts over time. LaminarPace has been validated through internal, published studies and external projects where Ziccum has carried out feasibility studies on behalf of the client.

Ziccum, located in Lund, was founded as a spinout from Inhalation Sciences, which was successfully listed on Spotlight (formerly Aktietorget) in September 2017. Ziccum followed the same path and was listed on Spotlight in October 25th, 2018.

For additional information about Ziccum please visit the company website: http://ziccum.com/ and http://ziccum.com/investors/presentations/


International technical application specialist (TAS) TILLSATT

“we’re cracking the Cold Chain”

Ziccums vision is to provide safe and effective medicines in all environments and situations worldwide and to minimize expensive and impractical fridge and freezer transport and storage.

With our patented technology LaminarPace objective is to develop new formulations of biologics. By developing dry formulations of products presently present only in liquid form, Ziccum can open up new markets and create new patents. Dry form is always sought in the development of new drugs. The benefits of dry form (tablets, powders, etc.) are many. It increases the stability of the product and thus its life span, it facilitates the entire transport chain from factory to patient, enabling the distribution of drugs to new locations where, for example, refrigerator and freezer storage is a major challenge. This means that patients who treat themselves, in their homes, can access safer and more efficient drugs.
For traditional drugs, or small molecules, dry formulation stands for more than 95% of all products on the world market. The corresponding figure for biological drugs, such as vaccines, antibodies, peptides and proteins are only 20%. This is largely due to the sensitivity of the biological preparations to extreme temperatures, which in turn excludes the use of traditional drying methods based on either high or low temperatures.
Ziccum has a unique and patented technology that is well documented, with clear customer benefits. The company focus on a market (biologics) where the history, trends and needs clearly indicates the value of being able to produce products in dry form but where the technical solutions for doing this has been lacking. The next step is to adapt the technology for commercial production and present our offer to potential partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ziccum has the technology to make a big difference for large populations who need access to vaccines and drugs, and for large pharmaceutical companies that want to streamline the logistics of their products and thereby increase market potential.

If you decide to work for Ziccum it means you will:
• work in a company that will have a paramount impact on possibilities to a paradigm shift concerning the ability to formulate dray formulations of biological drugs
• be a part of a company that will enable patients’ worldwide access to safer and more efficient drugs
• work in a company with short decision paths and with a high level of personal responsibility
• close and frequent interactions with the CEO and colleagues in the team
• as the company is small, you must have a “can do” attitude and be comfortable in situations where you must be more “hands-on”
• work in a company with a clear objective - to develop and to grow Ziccum to a world leader in providing safe and effective biological drugs in the area of dry formulation
• as the company grows, there are excellent and planned opportunities for your development

The position
Ziccum is looking for an International Technical Application Specialist (TAS) to work in our laboratory and act as a project leader with development of a new GMP system (further development of our LaminaPace system) for pharmaceutical production, process / method development and troubleshooting. You will also be responsible for the service of the system.
You will have a key role within Ziccums development projects essential to the future of the company and the growth of the company. Ziccums technology will be out licensed to external partners primarily in Europe but also in USA. You will then act as a project coordinator of all installations while efficiently performing system implementations and software upgrades, including customer training with minimal assistance by following established guidelines. You must strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, be able to identify potential "at risk" customers and communicate effectively to the appropriate internal stakeholders. Effective and efficient resolution of customer issues and participation in upscaling. Further on you must be willing to travel outside Sweden to the rest of Europe and possible USA. Assist with product demos and technical presentations by collaborating with colleagues in order to promote sales. Organize and participate in field-based customer education events.
The position involves close cooperation with the CEO and other colleagues at the company. You will be located at Ziccum’s in Lund and report to the CEO.

A ideal candidate is a person with experience of working directly with GMP production who at the same time has a deep understanding of why you do certain things in a process, and the purpose of each component in the process.
We are looking for a detail-oriented professional with critical thinking skills who can spot potential problems and find cost-effective solutions. In addition, you need to be a curious, open and positive person who likes to work independently (in cooperation). You are interested in learning new techniques and processes, and find it exciting with different instruments and new measurement methods. You should like to think independently, analyse and dare to raise questions. Because Ziccum is a small company, high demands are placed on flexibility and resilience for re-prioritization and “moving goals”. It is important that you have a good communicative ability. You will be involved in contributing to the entire process from early product development to clinical evaluation. You are goal- and result-oriented, as well as a structured approach and with a high sense of order.
The position requires a highly driven person who gets "things to happen" and capable of achieving value-added projects / collaborations resulting in short and long-term business results.

Contact information
For inquires and more information about the position, please contact Jarl Molin, senior recruitment consultants at PeakSearch. Mail: jarl.molin@peaksearch.se phone: +46 70 560 20 56
Apply for the position at PeakSearch homepage http://www.peaksearch.se or send your CV directly to Jarl, see above.