“Imagine if vaccines didn’t have to be formulated as liquids. Imagine if they were cheap, safe, fast and agile to transport with no cold chain necessary, and nothing holding them back. Imagine the suffering that could be prevented, the costs that could be avoided and the communities and societies that could be set free. That, ultimately, is what Ziccum technology can deliver.” – Göran Conradson, CEO, ZICCUM

Ziccum is developing new dry-powder versions of the world’s most effective vaccines from bulk containers to convenient forms for administrations. These new, gently air-dried powder vaccines can be transported easily and cost-effectively, with no costly cold storage or refrigeration required.

With the company's patented technology LaminarPace, dry formulations of products that are currently available in liquid, or freeze-dried form are developed. This allows Ziccum to open up new markets, create new patents and generate revenue from the sale of licenses to the new form of preparation.

Through its patented technology LaminarPace, Ziccum is the only company in the world to offer gentle drying of vaccines at room temperature. This opens up the opportunity to develop and patent new processes of vaccines and offer better stability, longer durability and simpler storage and transportation requirements. This gives a competitive advantage, cost savings and the opportunity to address more and bigger markets. New forms of preparation and the process of producing these can also be protected by new patents so that the competitive advantage lasts over time. LaminarPace has been validated through internal, published studies and external projects where Ziccum has carried out feasibility studies on behalf of the client.

The company intends to license out rights to its IP portfolio, but also look at the value creation chain as a whole and investigate different options and possibilities to move up and take a larger portion of the value created. Through International partnerships and larger contracts spanning over several stake holders within the industry.

Ziccum, located in Lund, was founded as a spinout from Inhalation Sciences, which was successfully listed on Spotlight in September 2017. Ziccum followed the same path and was listed on Spotlight in October 25th, 2018, and from December 1st, 2020 listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market,

For additional information about Ziccum please visit the company website: https://ziccum.com/


Development Director

"Set Vaccines Free"

The position
CEO Göran Conradson: “In a larger context, I see this recruitment as a first step to move from an entrepreneurial technology company to a process-oriented vaccine company.”

You will be responsible for the overall strategies within R&D and its implementation including organizing development work in the interface between pharmaceuticals and medical device in an environment which is governed by GMP. It is also your responsibility to identify, analyse and develop new development opportunities in collaboration with customers / other stake holders / CEO / Board. In relation to this set-up there are multiple interdependencies between Development, Quality Assurance and Operations. Your role also consists of managing further optimizing procedures.

In his role you have staff responsibility for the development team consisting of 4 individuals – 1 Senior Formulation Specialist: 2 Technical Applications Specialists and 1 Service & Development Engineer. Your task will be to lead the team and ensure that the work goes in the right direction. You create the conditions for the work to be delivered to the right quality and time. You do this by daily engaging, inspiring, motivating and developing your staff.

The team currently consist of 7 people with different specialties and competencies, as well as several high professional international consultants connected to the company. Ziccum is planning to grow substantially the coming quarters recruiting to several positions. The position is located in Lund.

We are looking for you with a positive attitude and the ability to inspire, motivate and engage other people to create results. You set clear goals and work in a thoughtful way to achieve them. You have the interest and ability to understand business principles and to maintain and create structure in your work. Furthermore, you are open to change and have the will to adapt your way of working based on needs and conditions. It is an advantage if you have an understanding of the specific environment and demands on a listed company.

Qualifications and experience
• Experienced and energetic Director Development with strong organizational skills. Experience from a similar role is a must.
• Leadership experience minimum 5-7 years
• Seasoned in GMP and quality systems thinking
• Experienced with different unit operations in manufacturing of biologicals, and the interlink between them.
• Excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal and leadership skills
• Effective oral and written communication skills including the ability to communicate in English, both orally and in writing
• University degree in chemical- mechatronic- mechanical engineering or equivalent experience
• Experience from working in a fast-growing small developing company in a global market is an advantage
• An interest in new technologies

Contact information
For inquires and more information about the position, please contact Jarl Molin, senior recruitment consultants at PeakSearch. Mail: jarl.molin@peaksearch.se phone: +46 70 560 20 56

Apply for the position at PeakSearch homepage http://www.peaksearch.se or send your CV directly to Jarl, see above.